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Who is he?

Lord Marcus of Challia is the leader of the Darion Empire's infantry and swordsmen.


Marcus was born in Challia. His father was a baker, and his mother the daughter of a fisherman. He worked at the local blacksmith, learning to use a sword. As he grew into his teen years he would join the men repelling Narlindir raiders on the coast. He displayed a lot of raw talent.

Once he came of age he traveled to Vestholm to work as a blacksmith's apprentice there, and train at the infantry barracks at the same time. He caught the eye of the infantry commander, who recommended him to the queen. One thing led to another, and he eventually found himself as his former mentor's superior officer.

There are certainly no hard feelings.


Marcus is a skilled military leader and strategist. He is an excellent swordsman, lacking training but making up for it with raw talent and enthusiasm. He has bad luck with horses.


Marcus is enthusiastic and eager to prove himself as capable of being a knight. He will do whatever he is asked by a superior, no matter what the odds. Most of the time, anyway. He is somewhat hotheaded and reckless. He is sensitive about his heritage, due to the assumption (partly caused by Alandra's initial attitude towards him) that people will think less of him for it. He is very chivalrous and charismatic.

However, he also has the worst luck in the universe and tends to get injured more than his fair share. Just being around him can be dangerous.


He is good friends with Thordal and Kestral, although his relationship with the latter is occasionally rather strained.

Crimson Sabatt drives him up the wall.

He is closest to Lady Alandra; despite her early skepticism about his abilities, they become good friends and later, rather more.


Dark brown hair, slightly longer than is entirely practical. Dark blue eyes. Tall, athletic and well-muscled. Boyishly handsome.


Athos is a grey stallion who will behave himself whenever everything is fine, then buck, rear or otherwise deposit his rider on the ground at the worst possible moment. It's a mystery why Marcus hasn't sold him long ago. He decks him in his colours and a small amount of plate armor.


He wears a combination of chainmail and plate armor, with a tunic and short cape.

The blue and red crest is his own, since he is the first nobleman in his family. It depicts an eagle. His sword is similar in practicality to Alandra, with a slightly more utilitarian appearance.


  • Marcus' concept and unit name in the game is Knight Chivalry.
  • Predominant colour: azure (worn with silver and red)
  • Azure, like blue, is often considered a royal colour - thus primarily designating Marcus' status as the very image of chivalry. It is associated with stability and reliability while often considered "fresher" than blue.
  • There were several completely different designs for Marcus, ranging from hulking hero in full body plate to your average sword and scabbard handsome knight. Some of these designs were truly scary, turning him into a giant machine of war complete with full face helmet.
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