Vestholm Castle

A completely unofficial fansite for The Settlers: Rise of an Empire.

Welcome to Vestholm!

Or, more precisely, welcome to a wholly unofficial fansite forThe Settlers: Rise of an Empire, a 2007 real-time strategy game made by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft. All characters, place names, screenshots and other elements of that game are copyrighted to Ubisoft, and no infringement is intended. I make no profit from this site at all!

While an RTS is a completely nutty thing to write fan fiction about, that hasn't stopped a brave (or merely crazy) group of members from giving it a shot. You won't find any fanfic on this site, but click here for the archive on FF.N

If you've never played the Settlers, you can still read the fanfic - check our Wiki for a quick introduction to the world of the game!