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Events that only appear in fanfics are grey. Major changes to the ranks of the Knights are in bold. It is assumed, as in fanfic, that Elias is the traitor.

Do not include material from stories that are not yet up on FanFiction.Net.

Mission One

Bandits harass carts travelling to the south of Vestholm, preventing safe deliveries. Alandra, leader of the Darion Empire's military forces, is forced to take a new knight, Marcus, to assist her in wiping them out. Despite a few hitches, their mission is successful.

Mission Two

The villages and cloister along the coast of Challia are frequently raided by Narlindir Vikings. Marcus and Alandra travel to Challia to orchestrate a signal fire system to help protect the Settlers and meet an out-of-work trader named Elias who knows quite a bit about the local political situation. Knowledge of exchange rates is not enough to protect the cloister, however, which is burnt down. Nevertheless, the coast is secured and Elias becomes a Knight of the Darion Empire.


The first two missions, as well as Marcus and Alandra meeting for the first time and Marcus' promotion, are retold in the story Overture.

Mission Three

The area of Gallos is ravaged by civil war after the reigning family iskilled by a plague. Marcus travels to the area and helps the Mayor of Janusberg defend the local villagers against the oppressive taxes of the Baron of Randalfingen. When Janusberg's troops aren't enough to defend the village of Monstein, help comes from a very unlikely place - Kestral, the local bandit leader. After the pair capture the Baron and free the Settlers, Kestral joins the ranks of the Knights.

Mission Four

Kestral travels north to Narfang, the source of the Viking raids, in an attempt to resolve the situation. She discovers that an enemy general, Crimson Sabatt, is holding the Janubian ambassador Hakim Abd Al-Sar captive in the city of Kyrkasund. With the help of the friendly locals in the village of Brekk, Kestral frees one knight - and makes an enemy of another. Hakim allies with the Knights of Darion.

Mission Eight*

Marcus is sent to the Narlind captital of Seydiir to negotiate an alliance with the Grandmother of Grandmothers, queen of the Narlind. Trouble is, the Red Prince wants an alliance too, and Sabatt will do anything to win the Grandmother over. The Viking leader settles the matter with a competition, which Marcus wins by the skin of his teeth.

Mission Five

Marcus travels to Drengir in an attempt to discover more about the raids after discovering Sabatt's involvement. A local viking leader, Thordal, tells her that Sabatt has been stirring up the warriors to raids, then taken the territories while they are unguarded. Using Thordal's men and the returning warriors, the pair take back the stolen lands. Thordal joins the Knights.

Mission Six

Thordal travels to Rekkyr to help the villages survive the long Arctic winter. He helps recover sheep, lost grain, kill bears and more, winning the Darion Empire friends through his bravery.

Mission Seven

The city of Geth is building a cathedral, but a combination of ruined harbour, Ghost Plague, and Sabatt's resistance are proving more than they can handle. Alandra travels to the area and co-ordinates the building and reconstruction, while commanding the forces holding off Sabatt and mounting a rescue operation to save kidnapped construction workers.

Mission Nine

Sabatt takes over the area of Husran in Janub and cuts off the water supply to the villages. Hakim returns to his homeland to help the villages find alternative supplies. But what does Sabatt want with Husran? It turns out the Cloister of St. Joseph has information on the location of the cure to the mysterious Ghost Plague, and Sabatt gets there slightly faster than Hakim.

Mission Ten

A cloister near Juahar holds the key to the Ghost Plague, and Sabatt has orders to destroy both the cloister and the cure.

She besieges Juahar with trebuchets. Hakim leads a strike team from Darion and demolishes the trebuchets, frees the Juahar, and learns the key to the Ghost Plague. Sabatt reaches the cloister first and forces the cure from them, however.

Crimson Sabatt travels to Westerlin and attempts to 'assassinate' Lady Alandra by pretending to defect. She fails due to Marcus' intervention. These events occur in the story Hopeless Sincerity.

Mission Eleven

The Castellan of Tios has made a deadly wager - either he successfully holds a tournament within a short period of time, or he hands the city over to the Red Prince. Unluckily, the Ghost Plague strikes at just the wrong time. Armed with the cure, Alandra rushes to Tios to assist the Castellan and prevent the city's fall.

At the tournament, Marcus accidentally kills his opponent in a joust. Faced with exile, he joins Crimson Sabatt and the Red Prince. Some time later, Alandra is captured on a reconnaissance mission in Raudrlin. She and Marcus, who regrets his actions, escape back to Westerlin. These events occur in the story The Mathematics of Deceit.

Mission Twelve

The key to the throne of Janub lies in the desert of Sahir. According to legend, whoever can discover the royal regalia hidden in the desert will become rightful ruler of Janub - and the regent of the nation has picked the most awkward moment to try to dig them up. Kestral joins Hakim there to supervise and defend the digs - and prevent them from falling into Sabatt's hands.


These events are retold in the story Loyalty and Legend. The story Of Folly and Flight also takes place during this mission and ties in with the aforementioned retelling.

Elias mysteriously disappears while Kestral and Hakim are in Janub.

The story Bragging Rights takes place at an unspecified time before his disappearance. The story Nobody Calls Me Chicken! takes place some unspecified time after this point.

Mission Thirteen

The Barony of Montecito, right in the centre of the Red Prince's kingdom, has decided to rebel against their master. Marcus travels there to help strengthen the city's defences and protect the local villages from the Red Prince's wrath.

Mission Fourteen

Marcus, joined by Hakim, leads an attack against Crimson Sabatt's own city, Gueranna, with the help of a few local villages. It's not going to be easy, though - heavy siege equipment is in order. But building a trebuchet isn't a simple operation, and Sabatt is very angry about the army on her doormat. It's a struggle, but the knights finally capture Sabatt and bring her back to Westerlin as a prisoner.

Mission Fifteen

Elias turns the tables in Marcus's absence, letting in a large force belonging to the Red Prince and taking over the city. Marcus and Hakim return with the captive Sabatt and manage to free the others and liberate the town.

Sabatt has some suggestions for the Red Prince's final defeat, but can she be trusted?

Mission Sixteen

The knights trust Sabatt's word and travel to Rossotorres, the Red Prince's capital city. A co-ordinated attack will be required, which is never a simple operation. Despite extreme difficulties, the Knights of Darion capture the Red Prince and halt his reign once and for all.

The Darion Empire attacks a city in Raudrlin controlled by the Eastern Raiders, a group of assassins, and wipe out half their army. These events are referred to in the story Velvet Battlefield.

The Knights, accompanied by Crimson Sabatt, travel to Raudrlin in order to wipe out the remaining renegade troops of the Red Prince. After their reasonable success, Crimson Sabatt disappears. These events occur in the story New Alliances.**


A diplomatic ball is held in Vestholm to negotiate a truce between the Eastern Raiders and the Darion Empire. The raiders break the terms of negotiation and are captured by the Knights. These events occur in the story Velvet Battlefield.

The Eastern Realm (Expansion Pack)

The Knights travel to the distant lands of Basa and Hidun. Accompanied by the somewhat less than useful daughter of the mogul, Saraya, they face a danger more deadly than any they have fought before.


These events are retold in the story of the same name. No specifics are given as it is still in progress at the time of writing.


Crimson Sabatt joins the Knights for the mission in this story, and afterwards becomes a fully-fledged member of their ranks.

Thordal and Crimson Sabatt journey to Narlind to investigate raids on the coast, and discover far more than they had bargained for. These events occur in the story A Song of Ice and Fire.


The Knights of Darion scheme to force Marcus and Alandra to admit their feelings for one another by faking a bandit attack. These events occur in the story Friendly Fire. The story Marcus' Law occurs shortly after this.





* The events of the game as originally told make little sense, so for the purposes of fan fiction they have been shuffled around.

** The story Nice Planet is not considered part of this timeline, but if you absolutely must place it somewhere it occurs after New Alliances, but before The Eastern Realm.


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